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which will usher in a complete transparency in TFI activities


The new era of Taekwondo has now begun in India with the coming into power of the new Executive Council of TFI on 26th June’ 2016. We are honestly committed and dedicated ourselves for the development and promotion of our beloved sport “TAEKWONDO”.

Taekwondo is the most popular martial arts of our country and is a regular event of Olympic Games, Asian Games & National Games. We have 39 affiliated members i.e. State Associations and Central Organizations like SSCB (Army, Navy & Air Force), CRPF, CISF, RPF, Police Control Board, etc. Our sports has been recognized by almost all National level Academic Organizations like Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, CBSE, Navodaya Vidyalaya, Universities, Saraswati Vidya Mandir Sanshthan, etc.

Every year we are conducting Six National Championships for different age groups (Sub- Junior, Cadet, Junior and Senior) including one National Open Championship & One National Inter – Zonal Championship on the basis of Zonal Championships. Besides these we are conducting several National level activities like Coaches seminar, Referees Seminar, etc. From this year we are introducing National Inter District Taekwondo Championship for Senior Age group in which Top five Districts from a state will be eligible to take part. This Championship has been introduced with an aim to earn medal in Tokyo Olympics’ 2020 as in our sport there is very less competition in upper weight categories as a result we have no Good players in these weight categories while in International Championships including Olympic Games there is scope to earn medal comparatively more easily in upper weight categories.

We have been participating in almost all official International level Championships. Besides dozens of medals earned in International level Championships we had also earned one Bronze medal in Asian Games, Busan, Korea in 2008.

Our Main Goal is “Tokyo Olympic : 2020” and Interim Goals are Jakarta Asian Games 2018; World Championship ; Asian Championship; Olympic Qualifying Championships and other International WTF recognized Championships.We are very much enthusiastic to achieve our Goal of Tokyo Olympic’ 2020. For furtherance we have already planned to organize one National level Coaches Seminar in which every State will send its best Five Coaches. In this seminar hopefully the Trainers will be Mr. Paul Green, Olympic Coach & Mr. Gareth Brown of Great Britain or from Korea. They will firstly correct the old and outdated pattern of Training method and then coaching method will be upgraded to modern advance technique so that in future upcoming players will be up to mark. The motto behind this Seminar is to bring uniformity in training method in throughout the nation. Lacking in uniformity in training method is the major drawback causing us to be failure in International platform.


Salient Features of New Era of TFI



Coaches are being given due recognition believing the fact that the Coach is the pivot of the whole empire of TFI. Now we will have Data and Rank of Coaches at all levels i.e. State / Zone & National. Online Registration of Coaches will be started. We will introduce National Master Instructor Course. Now only qualified coach can impart training. Every year National & Zonal level best coaches will be awarded. Motto is to bring Uniformity in training method in throughout country.



TFI will have data and rank of all players and will educate all players about WTF rank and its importance.
Players and Coaches are interlinked. Thus Coach will get Auto Score as per the performance of his Player.



Age Fraud will be checked through biometric and Identity Card will be linked with Aadhar Card. I. Card will be generated instantly after submission of data online in website for which STAs are given login id. It will be free of cost. In the near future everyone will have to show Id Card in any activities, even Color belt grading will be linked with Id Card number.



Long Term Training Camp will be started. For preparation we will have Overseas Training plan besides our in house training plan i.e. National coaching camp.

TFI will encourage participation in International Championships so that players could get exposure and be able to earn more and more points to upgrade one’s rank.

Entry Form of all Championships will be accepted by online entry through website.



We committed to increase availability of job opportunities. We have plan to introduce it in Railway& ONGC at first stance.



We are committed to raise the popularity & glamour of Taekwondo. Our first step in this regard is introduction of Pro Taekwondo League by SONY CHANNEL. This will help us produce star player and players will have opportunities to earn more and more money through bidding.



Decentralization of power of TFI. It is only “we” not “I” can bring this change. So together we shall bring this change. Work is being distributed. This New TFI shall believe in Decentralization of power and people’s (all concerned) participation.

Transparency in working of TFI. Everything in TFI will be Open Secret. Present situation requires to run TFI completely in a new pattern leaving behind the old pattern where TFI depended upon fees to be paid by players / centralization of power / dictatorship in decision making/ etc.

To make TFI Corruption Free. We will have strong check points in financial matters. Before releasing fund / payment of bills, the bills have to pass PRE AUDIT. No cheque will be signed / released unless it is passed by PRE AUDIT.



TFI will concentrate more on generating fund from outside, players will be charged less fee with more facilities. We will not depend on fund generated through TFI activities. We will too try to help STA & DTA also. By this way we wish to strengthen STA financially first.

We will follow strictly the hierarchical system i.e. TFI will communicate to only its members / STA which in turn will communicate to DTA only and lastly DTA will communicate to its Club. Because unless we believe our members and strengthen our system we cannot achieve our desired Goal. The TFI will never communicate to anyone other than its members. TFI shall have ZERO INTERFERANCE in STAs.

We have to bring change from Dictatorship to Democratic. Earlier in TFI there was Dictatorship but now there will be only a democratic way. Firstly, for important decision we will have Core Committee, then Executive Council and lastly General Body.

With regards to Equipments we must have Electronic Chest Guard and its system at all level. We will make first all National Championships to be conducted under PSS system i.e. through Electronic Chest Guard and after that it will compulsory in all State Championships from next year 2018, for TFI will support STAs.

Future and Ambitious plan is to construct our own Indoor Stadium of International Standard. Hopefully, this year we will lay foundation stone. In this Stadium we will try to have one University of WTF with a motto to make India one of the powerful nation in the world of Taekwondo.

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